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Compete & connect

Tacx compete & connect Tacx offers two ways to share your performance with and race online against other riders worldwide. Multiplayer races Multiplayer enables real-time web racing in the Tacx virtual worlds. These competitions are held in the Tacx Trainer software. Do you want to join a race? Check the calendar here or organize one yourself! BikeNet BikeNet is an online database on which you can store and share your outdoor and indoor rides and achievements. You simply upload your performance from a ride in the virtual worlds, Tacx Film or training program (Catalyst) directly to BikeNet,...

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The Tacx brand history

The Tacx brand History On the 1st of May 1957 Tacx starts as a bike and repair shop in Wassenaar, the Netherlands. In ‘64 they start manufacturing exhausts for mopeds, the first step towards greater things. In these early days components were already being manufactured in-house because they were better and more profitable. With this move Tacx introduced the ‘there is always room for improvement’ mentality which is still anchored in the company. In ‘69 the bike shop in town gave place to a small factory in a business park. Rollers & the first indoor bike trainer In 1972 Tacx starts manufacturing...

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Introduction This privacy policy sets out how we use and protect any information that you give to us when you become a member of the TacxClub. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and we will never release your personal details to any third party without your express consent. When you complete an application to join the club certain personal information is collected from you (for example: your name, email address, gender). You can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. What we collect We may collect the...

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TacxClub on Strava

Join our TacxClub on Strava This is a free Strava club for all users from indoor (Tacx) bike-trainers. Compare your training and recent performances with other members and chat with your clubmates. In the Strava TaxcClub discussion section (https://www.strava.com/clubs/tacxclub/discussion) you can start a discussion/question or announce the time of a Multiplayer session and ask people to join.

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Tacx groups and communities We have just started a completly renewal of our website, so it is not completed at the moment. Please come back later.

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